Icelandic Inspired Smoked Salmon Tartine

Icelandic Inspired Smoked Salmon Tartine


Traveling to Iceland was magical. All the fresh fish I could ever ask for, extended daylight for the insomniacs in the house and the nicest people in the world! When my husband and I visited, we were fresh from Scotland directly after he proposed so we decided to AirBnb it, be a little romantic and get a place right by the water. Every morning we would wake up, go for a walk and hit up this awesome cafĂ© full of assorted tartines and salads.  So today I want to go back to memory lane and share the recipe of a simple but absolutely amazing tartine. It's packed with flavor, your spouse will be impressed and the nutritional facts don't look too bad either.

Recipe for 2 cuties (multiply by more cuties)


  • 3 oz, Fish, salmon, chinook, smoked
  • 2 tablespoon, Cheese, cream
  • 2 Slice, Ciabatta Bread
  • 2 tsp(s), Capers, canned
  • 2 tbsp, Parsley, fresh
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 4 Hard Boiled Eggs


  1. Bring water to a boil and start boiling those eggs. Takes about 12 minutes.  Drain and rinse with cold water and allow to cool.  (Don't burn your hand!)
  2. While the eggs are cooling, add some butter to a skillet and toast both side of your ciabatta bread.
  3. Let the bread cool a touch then spread your cream cheese on each slice, next layer on 1.5 oz. of the smoked salmon.
  4. Peel the eggs and chop roughly adding salt and pepper to the mixture.  Layer 2 eggs worth over the smoked salmon and let some fall around your plate. Then sprinkle parsley and capers on as your top layer. 
  5. EAT!!!

I hope you guys enjoy this quick and easy recipe! This can make some great Hors d'oeuvres for a dinner party or can be paired with this quick Insta watermelon salad recipe below:

What's some of your favorite quick recipes?


Nutritional Info

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